My Generation

Lust is a must in my generation because my generation is influencing this nation-Yes.

Because the teachers don't teach the students; The students teach the teachers.

They try to discipline us and we say we'll tell our moms,

cause our moms think that we're the perfect little angels..

We come at them from all different angles.

Now the parents let us fend for ourselves, we walk around without a clue, we might as well be disable-No offence.

But the media has got our minds mangled, our spirits tangled,

next thing you know, we're worshipping eyes and throwing up triangles.

Get that outta' here!

Of this world, I have no fear.

I'm not scared of the devil.

I don't tremble in his presence.

Because he can't do a THING to me when my God is present.

This is a war, a battle, a FIGHT!

I don't know about you, but I will no longer let sin control my life.

I will no longer beat myself up because of imperfections!

I will no longer be decieved by his deception.

We think he looks like a monster,

but he could be a 6'2" baller with a milky way complexion.

You wanna' call it Bieber Feaver,

Well I call it Lucifer's Infection.

And we've all been injected.

But the more that we turn away;

Joke, laugh, and play

And say that everything's okay,

The more that we smack the vaccination shot out of our Doctor's hands.

Now, I don't know if you've noticed,

but my generation is kinda' lazy!

We don't wanna' work for stuff, we'd rather have it easy.

I mean, we sittin' in the classroom, but we're not learnin' much.

And Christianity is a hard thing, which is probably why he hate it so much.

I mean, yeah, we go to church, but we never listen.

We'd rather tweet, text, and joke about how the pastor JUMPS AROUND LIKE A MONKEY BECAUSE HE FEELS THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!

Which is something that the majority of my generation has never experienced.

So we don't understand how important it is.

So I guess you can say that it's not really our fault,

but if the Gentiles could do right without even having God's written law, then why can't we do it when we have an ENTIRE book on him.

Instead we'd rather go out into this world and experience all the things it has to offer us;

Like smoking, drinking, and laughing the FAKEST laughs I've ever heard in my life.

Because we know that we're not living our lives right.

The devil has us thinking, oh no, it's alright.

We could have binoculars and still go throughout life completely blind.

There's only one source of light.

He's always been by my side throughout my deepest and darkest times of desperation.

He's always been there to lift my head when it's fallen from frustration.

He's the one, the only, the ruler of all creation.

Boy, do I wish everyone else saw him that way, in my generation.


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