Its all about

Merry Christmas, the time is near.
Smell of the Christmas tree.
Everyone filled with great cheer.
Christmas lights, shiny and so bright
Christmas joy, I can fill all in the air.

What is it that brought us upon this day?
It was Jesus Christ being born today.
His love so gracious and sweet.
No one can treat is like the one who created me.
Thank you God for giving your son.
Christmas around the world.

Knowing it’s not all about the presents
But it’s about that sweetest Christ gift.
Being with our families celebrating once again.
Merry Christmas
And on this day you’ll find a little baby boy laying in a major
All because of the creator is why it’s this day.
Take heed to it.

My joy and happiness can’t express these feelings today.
It’s all about Jesus Christ forever and always.
Be blessed,
Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


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