What Joyous Wonders!

Look at the trees clothed in vibrantly green leaves,

Leaves that not only give beauty but life in all its glory!

White flowers with no spot to dull its petals’ eaves.

Grass swelling up to my knees that tells so surely

Of the creator who loves us so fairly and purely!

Fractal nature bearing our art and culture

Cannot be analyzed without forgetting the story

Of truly how this globe came to be cleansed evermore!


For never shall this Earth be lost in evanescence,

As we shall dwell in even more beauty eternally!

Our father and king will visit this world wondrously

And give way for the globe to fulfill its florescence

So that it may glow in a heavenly fluorescence!

But what truly brings me to my knees

Is the truth that we are heirs to God in all his essence!

This testimony I give unto you so you may latch onto it with ease.


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Our world
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