Pain < Christ


One may look and say,

You look like a angel,

But like mirrors that hit a ray,

Your life is one big tangle.


The mask you wear,

Make people say AYE,

But what’s not shown there,

Is all the background pain.


This pain makes you stronger,

Like practice in the summer,

But you don’t know how much longer,

The pain will go w/o a mutter.


You try and go w/o telling,

But some people just see through,

So you give up faking,

And let them see the real you.


This person won’t be loved at first,

And may not have many friends,

But just don’t go fuss and curse,

Because the pain will come to a end.


Once you get to the end,

You’re really at the beginning,

So give it to Christ and he will mend,

All the broken pieces in this story you’re starting.


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