The Battle


This person has been around from the time I was born

And if I lose this person I wouldn't have the heart to mourn

and my heart is so torn

because I didn't always like 'em, Matter of fact I used to hate 'em

and I still love to debate 'em

On his life goals, what he should and shouldn't do

the fact he can do anything in this country despite his hue

So overtime I've been losing him to hatred and fear

and those are some of the worst diseases that kill every year

Homicide suicide or a combination that override

and I'm so close to this man to find him I have to go inside

the house we were raised in,

with the heat of my words he's shriveled like a raisen

Words and actions unfruitful for his confidence to be raisin'

So he looks at me in silence, fire in his eyes ragin'

See,we were made in the same mirror image of God above

Butmy treatment of this man is like I don't know the God of love

See, I want to kill this man and he wants to kill me too

But we look at each other and laugh and say " You're only killing you"

Then we go from laughin',to cryin',from cryin to laugin'

Then I walk out of the mirror in my mind and kind of forget what happened

Forced amnesia is my anethesia

My prescription is wrong and I'm self-medicated

How can I get better if the doctor is hated

I need a new physician,I've always known God

but due to self medication I end up in this posoition

My mind is my world I seek a new global position

It's time to update my GPS,and get rid of this stress

and get rid of this mess the devil planned to create,

because he planned for me to plan myself to cremate

Burn up my ambition and erradicate my passion

Which would only lead to an untimely passin'

Well by God Almighty on that idea I'm passin'

He's clothing me in a new mind like its new fashoin,

and I will be swaggin' no wait no laggin'

So only hatred and fear will be getting the toe taggin'

I was losiing myself but I found an Old Hope

Matter of fact he finds me when my back's against the rope

From the foundation of the world I was chosen to be His son,

So I won't lose myself If i was found by the Holy One

That's A1 news

If you're sleeping on me that's some A1 snooze

Enyjor your S-L-douple E-P While I S-U-Double C-Double E-D

Sleep and Succeed If you ain't followin' me

and since i'm following Him I'll be at peace and succeed

Let this be a lesson for those in need

When you and yourself ain't on the same page you can't read

Never be against Your own image,

Don't let anyone say,"They lost the game playing themself at the line of scrimmage"

Pray and be watchful for another adversary

and run to Christ whose name is a real sanctuary

Let's pray for each other in this life of trouble

I know losing myself is still a potential struggle,

Be blessed and be easy and be goood at it

This is A1 signin' off on A1 status.



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