A Man Named Jesus

I’m going to tell you a story 

A story not about you or me 

But a story about a tree 


See this tree was called a cross 

A horrific death sentence laid across 

a man named Jesus


You see Jesus was a man 

a man from Galilee

You could say he was the first lifelong celebrity 


See Jesus walked on water 

and kicked out the temple barters 

a man named Jesus


He calmed the storms 

raised the dead 

and told the lame to pick up their bed


He gave sight to the blind 

and put the Pharisees in a bind

a man named Jesus


He forgave sins 

and healed the sick.

Yes all of this was way more than a magic trick 


He was, is, and will be the Christ 

which made the Pharisees think their religion was under heist

a man named Jesus 


See He was the son of God

The first born of all creation 

Who died for our sins without hesitation


He is our Savior 

so we don’t hope to get by on good behavior

a man named Jesus 


The Bible says 

He is the way, the truth, and life 

no one goes to the father except through Christ.

He was the light of the world

and he came to save every man woman boy and girl 

a man named Jesus


But after salvation there is so much more

We are to be a light in the darkness

and always be ready to plant a harvest


We are called to be in the world and not of it 

but sadly so many of us like the fit 

and instead of being lit 

We look like this.


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