Wed, 07/17/2013 - 18:59 -- OBADIAH


They say the human mind is a piece of work, easily controlled by the devil like a fish driven in by a hook. But God am I the bait or simply just a righteous crook? I have no way of knowing if I'll find death so I continue to look. I detest the hypocrites of this so called church! I look for any signs of the hope or peace Christ demanded but all I see is pestilence and a false prophet wrongly paraphrasing a holy book. If I was HIm I'd come back and make you all share a fate with the wretched tombs. Your actions make me sick to my stomach I refuse to cover my tracks. I want you to find me, i want you to look around plainly see, you are surrounded by your enemies! This is survival of the fake and I'm waiting for the day where the flames will taste the wrinkles of your tarnished face. I want hope back in this world, I want love eternally present and hatred erased. Cleanse this world let it end with fiery purge! Blast Burn! you yearn for life but that is something that you have earn! Blast burn! Instead comes death as you twist and turn!


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