Flawless Scholarship Slam

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What does it mean to be flawless Is it designer clothes or perfect skin?
Empty inside Hollow and wanting, waiting Waiting to feel something wanting to feel anything I do feel Feeling only pain and anger
I wake up With crazy hair and foul morning breathe Flawless I post up Unfiltered selfies to show the real me Flawless Ride round in it Until my mom need her car back for work Flawless
She watches and hears the pain of death; She stares at the flames that has taken the life of her sister; As tears silently flows down no sound is heard; But the screams of pain in a firey death;
Hidden Beneath the surface,But in plain sight to all,They help assure that I,Am on my way to fall.We all have some,No one has none,They are what makes me man,
I. Nigoda charcoal wings charred to a crisp succumbed to surreptitious marauders intruders chipping down cerebral walls that hiss
These hand
I have come to a consensus To respect my bare hands, And to gleam at the man I have built To add structure to surrounding lands. I have also learned over time To disregard the closed doors,
I have come to a consensus To respect my bare hands, And to gleam at the man I have built To add structure to surrounding lands. I have also learned over time To disregard the closed doors,
A Pane of Glass Is As Bland As A Blank Page. Solidity, Wholeness, Smothness, Are False Perfections Boring And Unattainable.
A Pane of Glass Is As Bland As A Blank Page. Solidity, Wholeness, Smothness, Are False Perfections Boring And Unattainable.
Close your eyes Don't look at this mess For all is perfect and Flawless
I see those around me
We need to be more careful with the words that we’re articulating ‘Cause up til now all these rhymes have been self-deprecating All the girls obsessed with “depressed” and self-harm,
it's hard to believe i'm ***FLAWLESS sometimes but looking at the evidence, who can deny? with the way syncopated drum rhythms wrap around my head like a crown
The rain, Its such a marvelous thing. Washing away the impurities Splashing against the ground Like small soldiers dropping Scrubbing, Scrubbing away all the ugly.
Look at the ads out right now advertising “the perfect body” What is  wrong with society? Perfect is not defined as a flat stomach and a thin physique But when girls see those pictures, they don’t eat for a week
My schedule— MWF class 10-12:30 TH class 9:30-2 Wednesdays are special: Go and help out at the elementary school, And make it to the Drama club meeting by 5.
I am Fat, A little pudge keeps me warm. I am a Loser, But I succed because I fail. I am Angry, For showing passion.
The sun rises and the moon hides, alarms sound and roll to bedsides
I am flawless. Curly or straight my hair is the color of fresh honey oozing from a hive. Huggably short in stature having a little more feet than five. Long eyelashes and warm pink lips too.
I am perfect, on the inside The masterpiece has not fully manifested itself on this canvas yet But still, I am flawless in His eyes
Young Ambitious Passionate Freckles Scars Acne  Flawless because I look past my flaws  Flawless because I see the best in others Flawless because my heart shows through my smile
  Look Into My Eyes
 I look at you with my hidden eyes Your smile lights up the world Blue, green, and gray crystals In my heart, butterflies twirled I did not see it coming   At first mere acquaintances
Paul N 10th grade   [Bold- say it loud]  
  Everything is spinning The floor is completely gone And in the beautiful silence There is a resounding song. No, it’s more like a tone. A buzzing or a beep That makes insanity seem so sweet
I am perfect in my own way. Everyone is different, and therefore I cannot compare myself to them because they are not me. All I can do is look at myself and decide that I am who I am, and who I am is beautiful.
I am not delicate but I will wear pink. I am not frightened but I will cover my eyes at a horror movie. I am young but that does not mean I have a blind eye. I am female but that does not make me weak.
 I am… A lot of things Good Bad Both Many things But Not flawless Sorry If you were expecting something else I always tell the truth As I will now
Yes, we all have flaws, But it is not until we recognize such flaws That they truly exist. Without recognition We are flawless!   You may mess up, And so will everyone on this earth.
The thing that makes me flawless is my undying sense of hope, my ability to find the silver lining in every starless sky. 
I am a field full of daisies  I am a night sky full of stars I am a sunset over the ocean I am a swan in the lake
What makes me perfect, is the fact that I’m not. Imperfection is beauty. Something most people forgot.   Scars on your wrists and fire in your eyes. When I say you’re beautiful,
  My flaws make me flawless.  I am made up of imprefections, this is who I am.  I am not that beautiful model on the magazine,  but I dont a perect style.  But I consider myself unique. 
I am labeled with words, Shy, reserved, quiet, And I am judged, For not going out more, Not having a plethora of friends. I don’t think before I speak, But I say what I mean,
My eyes sing a song of gold  My smile is prepossessing Lips soft as a cushion This pretty face is a blessing.   Practice makes perfect It took 17 years for implementation 
I am flawless because My temper is short And my hair likes to be a mess. I am flawless because I can remember history dates And algebra is confusing. I am flawless because I can be lazy
She was fragile, A subtle kind of beautiful, yet strong In mind and opinion.   She was clever, Quick to respond, while clouded With silent doubt.   She was a conformist,
I am a woman
  We were young and in love We were a fiery passion You were just playing a game You just weren’t that into me  
I came from a woman who never felt love A woman who couldn’t seem to find the man above A woman who replaced love with lust To those filthy niggas, she entrust But OH HOW for granted they took her guts
I am the definition Of a proposition In a commission Between a division Watching the simpsons It’s hard to make a transition But this is where I make a decision I am Not weak
Perfect sunkissed moonlight hides the lines of my imper
To say something is perfect is in its self-flawedPerfection has always been an ideal, a dream that would never become realityWe do our best, though it can’t be achieved actually
Listen to me, oh Muse, and help me tell the story Of the young man with great determination. The one who worked for years on a single goal To turn his belt the darkest of all colors.
A man of wisdom and everlasting truth  If I was there, Sir, I would have yelled "Don't shoot!" 
A quality worth admirationaccommodates traits of inspiration.A trait that a madman can't draw from an implication,but a trait that makes the madman fall in the beauty of temptation.
Flaw. Lawf. Laugh. Because having flaws is hilarious. It's hilarious because it's completely...imperfect. Perfection is nonexistent. Flaws exist. In you. In me.
I am Facetious
It takes a lot of patience To be a girl like me. To work so hard for lots of things That my friends all get for free   It takes a lot of courage To be a girl like this
Flawless Is that a thing? When I look down I see a disproportioned girl When I look in the mirror I see an unsatisfied girl When I look into my eyes, I see an empty, sad, and lonely girl.  
Imperfect   Nursed by society to only think “thin”. Was taught by aging and time to despise my own skin In a society that makes me cringe, Where growing up nobody wins.
I am fire. Relentless. Feared. Powerful beyond measure. I am the night sky. Wonderful. Mysterious. Expanding infinitely into oblivion. I am the sun. Brilliant. Fierce.
T is what they call me Cheer is life 
Lack of confidence that is your immortal enemy No one doubts yourself more than you Somehow you cannot outrun these thoughts They are just there Ready to kick you when you are down
Put on the mask.   The mask is worn to rid your fears. You are afraid Of harmful words in a slingshot. You are afraid Of hidden judgement ready to be uncovered. You are afriad
My ace in the hole My face, my place-name My state, My nationality My race.   My ace in the hole, A person, a feeling A hidden scrap of meaning A way to show you all
My patience is flawless. I think firstMy logic secondMy reactions are methodicalAnger is quiet and checked inInside a mental hotel.
My scars are my greatest beauty. They are my greatest flaws, But they are what make me flawless.   Each scar tells a success story, Something I’ve fought And overcome.   Club foot,
I am flawless, for I wake each morning with an open mind. I am flawless, even when the mirror says otherwise. I am flawless; I always have the opportunity to learn something new. I am flawless; my words can move a crowd.
I as a person am not a conversion.
My body is like the Grand Canyon
I am made Entirely of flaws But make No Assumptions     I am still PERFECT   I am the goddess of my own domain With the ability to change the world
I stare at my reflection
I look in the mirror and what do I see?A girl that's too skinny looking at meSo I go and I eatAnd I gain a little weight
I am beautiful  I scream to the sky  I am beautiful  I scream, no deny.   Then the sky turns grey  Here they come I think  To decieve to lie  And to hurt me.   
Flawless is an image that people want us to create.  A way for all of us to find a way to sedate, these feelings inside of true hate and remorse.  Which is why I try and scream, but it just comes out all hoarse.  This idea is just a way to try an
Misconceptions of color began  with veins.   I heard they ran a shock of blue as cold  as my lips when they touched my last lover, but the anger I felt during the fallout of 
I am flawless because I have had people to help me rise above. I am flawfless because I push myself to become a better person. I am flawless because I have passion for life. I want other people to be as flawless as I am.
I used to see all my imperfections as hold ups, yet he has always seen me as flawless. The longer he loves me, the more I begin to view things as he. I am beginning to see myself as he sees me.
Risen have i from my mind maybe my sould  
I arise with the sun, and shake free my wild mane.
I was told to write about An aspect of myself that is worthy of Respect And admiration. But I say, Every part of me Is more than worthy. I may not always seem The kindest.
ACEs Adverse Childhood Experiences Not one, not two, but experiences
Life is reeling in an enormous fish. Out goes the line, reel it back, and out it goes again. Don't force it, give the line some play. The fish will be caught when it's ready, although it was never ready to begin with.
I'm so meta, even this acronym.
I know that I have it in me (I have it in me) I know that I have it in me (I have it in me) I have it in me - There's more than meets the eye I'm gonna spread my wings and fly  
  I woke up from a dream A dream of fantasy In a world of endless possibilities In a world where I was who I wanted to be
It's not your looks, it's not your words. It's everything else, it's you. You complete me, when you're not here i'm so alone.  You're all i want, you're flawless.
I am beauty         Taking and making from what I can         And fast pacing, embracing, and front facing         Love, but don’t touch I am peace         Creation, devotion
I am not perfect, why should I try? I am not you, why should I be? I am not ugly, why should I lie? I am myself, entirely, flawlessly me.   Tears have etched paths through the make up covering my scars
Our image is our pain, our weakness is our way, Insecurity makes us forget we ever felt anything different. We feel like the only way to love ourselves to impress the others.
What makes me flawless? ....... working hard towards my goals each day does not come easy, no way  I had to push myself even when I became discouraged I am woman hear me roar
Harsh words, harsh thoughts, hurting: -useless. Mirrors, magazines, television: -relentless Running, crying, fighting: -hopeless. Open arms, shelter, love: -forgiveness.
With respect and admiration there must be challenges and hardships Without it there will be nothing To earn respect, takes humility, hard work, and heart To be admirable, there must be positivity, energy, and strength
She smiles carelessly with no regret
Being flawless is seeing the beauty in your flaws Being flawless is accepting your flaws. Being flawless is knowing you're unique. Being flawless is  being you no matter what anyone says.
I embrace my butt  and curvy figure because that is what I do being yourself is beautiful  I am strong, independent and fierce I am a woman  
I may not be a stick thin model, my thighs may not have a gap my face might not be acne free my stomach, certainly not flat   I could go on all day about my flaws and what I can do to improve
I was born Flawless Through the blood and veins of  my ancestors The chocolate glow of my skin The beauty of my heritage brought into this imperfect world yet delivered into this world by greatness
                                           A Woman's value 
The reason I am flawless does not come from society Society everyday tells me I am less I am not smart enough I am not skinny enough I am not kind and I am not selfless
Who am I? I used to ask myself. The harsh words i used to tell myself left only an impression as I turned my back on yesterday. Today, as I look back at who I used to be, I Am Proud.
Flawless am I... Well, maybe so.  I am who I am, right?  Perfect? No, for I in the sight of greatness am yet flawed.  But seek out the truth yet I alone remain in the light of flawlessness.
Everyone has flaws, Some are crippled and debilitated by them Others wear them as badges of honor and character
The emptiness consumes you It eats you from the inside out So slowly and carefully That you wont notice until it had become you The emptniess within becomes the emptiness surrounding And you cant escape...
I am no diamond, no gem, nor sane, nor a narcissist if such becomes my name... For my flawlessness is known by all it is the reason for your fall, where you lack I excel
For years I've stood in front of a mirror,
Life tries to put me down  Bring me as far as below the ground It doesn't want to see me succeed It wants me to fail, never to excede   But time and again, when life brings me down
I am me strong  resilient
Hey there, beautiful girl,
When dancing, I'm perfect I don't care what you say My one night of respect I'm doing it my way   Dance without any thought No plans or needless faults
Why? Why is it that we don't know that we are beautiful? Why is it that there is always somebody that wants to put us down? Why is it that ugly is the definition of the outside, yet the opposite of the inside?
As Little girls we grow up looking up to our mothers As CHildern we look up to Tv Stars As TEEns we look up to Magazines As YOUNg adults we look up to super models  As WOMEN we look up to god...
i am not flawless   i give up too easily i never fill up sketchbooks i make my sister upset when i'm nervous, i cry when i'm sad, i shut people out when i'm scared, i don't talk
Not only am I tiny with perfectly straight hair Nor a person to make people stop and stare
I dont want to be flawless trying to be whats on TV I want to be flawless for just being me I may not have the nicest or newest shoes
I follow none, and,  Like the sun,  I rise to the challenge of each new day. No reason to say
The silence deafens My ears, they ring My voice, it rises on distant wings.   The words just flow so naturally in languages, French, or Japanese in accents
(something is different as you dislodge it from the cookie)   If you be the miricle you want to see happen, that miricle will not happen But for some chance that it does, behold the next level
Sinner! Socialist! Jump in the calling cauldron! Burn! Suffer, loner!   What can I do? Who am I?   Should I cry? Sorrow slings, swallows, sings sadly. Slits me. Skewers me.  
My brown eyes are flawless My brown eyes melt into golden pools of emotion and wisdom That you can't even fathom   My brown eyes are those of an innocent doe
I'm not you. That's what makes me beautiful, Smart,  Awesome,  Flawless. It's not that you aren't any of these things. You are these things as well because you aren't me.
See this eye of mine? Look close, even closer... This is a work of art, something so magnificent, no magnifier is needed to see, the stunning sky within me. No, that is not a reflection.
“You’re a nerd,” “You’re ugly,” there are so many things people say to knock us down. But don’t listen to it, it’s not true. That is not how we should be defined. All the comments and all the looks, they cause us to drown,
A thousand stories  pacing up and down the streets. They are just children grown up too fast, Smiling faces with very broken pasts.    A thousand differences Not good or bad
I'm racing my ghosts. They drift silently
When I open my mouth Diamonds flow out Words of grace, intelligence and faith  When I smile All you see Is pearly whites Straight, and perfect  Made from God Himself I may be imperfect
I always wonder if It was only me dreaming that Im going to live successfully. But i can't ague for being in poverty,  because mommy crying, "I sorry baby".
Midnight in the city, many people still wandering about. I happen to be one of those people, I began to doubt. Upon realization that the crowd around me was missing something,
what's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing. I'm not all about that swag ,but more class. what's wrong with the car I'm driving can you tell it's out of style. Sure I still use a walkman
You won't get lost in my brown eyes, My face is often littered with big red dots, I can't flip my hair like a Garnier commercial.   My eyebrows need plucking, My legs need a shave,
Sitting before a mirror, I cannot believe my ears. Held with such esteem,  these poisonous creeds speed 
I hear these songs singing about my body Every girl and every boy is judged Can you feel the burning eyes? Those who judge are judged upon Those who watch are also watched Look at yourself
alone thats all i will ever be  how can he see the beauty in me if i cant see it in myself  images posters plastered all over  maybe if i was her  her  or her  but no im ME 
I woke up like this Flawless 
Her hair was tied back into a single ponytail As she dug her shoulder into her much more masculine opponent. The quaffle was safely cradled into her arm And there was no way in hell she was going to give it to him.
I am flawless, No defects, no faults, I forgive and I forget,
I am flawless because I am human. I am flawless from my natural ends to my pink polished toe nails. I am flawless for my fisty attitude and for the sway of my hips as I walk down the school halls.
I have insecurities, I have scars, but everything I have is what makes me ME all these flawless things I have
I am flawless yes
To have self-worth is to know who you are. To know who you are is to understand  what you stand for, what you believe and be prepared to defend those beliefs.   To have self worth is to accept the
In their eyes, My ambitions are governed by the thoughts of a prize.   For simple tasks, I'm not considered but simply despised. Looking at the mirror, I see more than they can.
Words have been used since way back in the day. Way back then in the cavemen days.  We evolved from grunts and now use words for "fronts".
Everyone has a voice,
I have become the face side of a penny-- Hoping to be lucky, But scuffed by a hurrying shoe, turned over in the dust. Passing faces only see the outside of you--   But I see your heart
Chocolate brown eyes glare at the early moring sun Hair a mess; a nest atop of her  She streches ans yawns and falls back  Wriggling around in bed a fuss is made  Let her sleep, o let her sleep 
Chocolate brown eyes glare at the early moring sun Hair a mess; a nest atop of her  She streches ans yawns and falls back  Wriggling around in bed a fuss is made  Let her sleep, o let her sleep 
I once lied about being me My lies become my dreams I can't no longer be who I wanted to be Because the lies changed me internally   Because I wanted to be flawless
Put on make up, do your hair, wear nice clothes, be gentle and fair   In order to be flawless that's what you have to do. Here's what I have to say to that Fuck you  
The name of my people is "Hmong" and we are self-dubbed "The Free" - whatever that means. But contrary to the lies, the stereotyps, and the idealized, I have big brown eyes
F-is for the fire that burns in my soul L-is for the love of the game
Flawless? There is no such thing. Everyone has them no matter how much they try to hide. Those little imperfections, mistakes, and problems. But that’s what makes a person.
True Beauty comes from the inside My laughter is contagious, My smile can light up a room True Beauty comes from self discipline and responsibility I strive to learn more and always do more
You said what?My very presence makes people scowl with envy.My perfection is somewhat nausiating but pure.You said what?That's right; I earned every bit of it.
When did it become socially unacceptable to be an individual? So what I don't weigh the same as you or have the same style as you. Does that make me any less of a human being? 
Success does not come naturally
Let's take it on back,Let's revese some tracks,We'll start here, then go there,We'll see if we end up anywhere, This person you see,Ain't nothing to be,I'm nothing great,But I don't hate,
I'm have many good traits, I'm "flawless"  But people only watch for the bad traits regardless Similar to a pacifist, I'd probably go outside and help someone after this I'm benevolent, a GOD sent 
If you turn on the TV,  You’ll see society’s image of perfection.  The pearly white teeth leering,
Brown skin aint beautiful to a world that sees only white My braided hair looks like dreadlocks to those with long silky blonde hair Bright red lipsticks make my lips look huge You cant see me during nighttime selfies
In a world where a dull mind is a virtue, There live very few men who Through learned lenses see The world as it was meant to be seen. A world that is not neat and clean,
I take up labels On an endless mission to actually discover Every aspect of who I am And I would proudly use “flawless” as one check off the list, Even though I am flawed. If you believe you are perfect
Flawless perfect in everyway. Everyone wants to become flawless.
When I was a good little Catholic girl, I was sweet as sugar and always adorned in dresses that fluttered in my wake as I chased after my older brother, longing to fit in his shoes, worshiping the ground he walked on.
In the day I shine.  
I do not understand my mother.My mother is the head of business,went-back-for-master’s,workaholic who bringsin about ninety nine percentof the household income.My mother once snapped at a man
Fierce and low budget do not belong in the same sentence But that was my predicament, the low income dilemna I was stuck facing My parents said I don't need to be flawless I need God because of my flaws
I’ve been labeled in life as if I were fresh produce in the store waiting to be bought. But my bruises and blemishes, my deformities made me unworthy of the price the sign above me read.
I can see dead eyes stare back at me In the hallways of Hell Skin and bone and exhaustion Hidden behind eyeliner and lipstick, Hunger ignored for the sake of love That won’t last more than a night,
Papers cover pink grey fortifications, Although the area within would ignite phobia, Papers and writer hears no limitations, Except those from writers with corrupted cornea.   
Rush through the hallway Head down Books clutched in my hands Pressed against my chest. Don’t make eye contact! Don’t let them see your face. Good. Now keep going. Not too fast!
You said I’d always be yours You told me you wanted to be the one I loved, The one I could tell anything to. The person who can cheer me up on my darkest days The person I can feel safe with,
They call us thieves - filthy, hungry, bean-eating wetback thieves. They look at our brown skin and sneer. But they do not know who we really are.
Am I beautiful ? Depends who you ask Am I funny ? Depends who you ask Am I cool ? Depends who you ask I am who I am I am like everyone else Unique Different
Imperfection is what makes us flawless. It lets us appreciate the true beauty around us.
My body shakes violently; My breathing is getting fast, Another sharp jab trough my heart. Defeated by this pain the pieces fall. I search wildly for my dear friend. My tears flow like the rivers streams.
Women are more than just pretty little things; We are genius, we are classic, we are the female kings. So when someone says being smart more than pretty just isn’t right; Well, let’s just say I do get very contrite.
Live life like no tomorrow, Have no regrets, Make the best of everyday, You never know what can be found 
My lips curve just right When I smile My eyes continuously sparkle They've done so since I was a child I'm not small darling Get it right, I'm petite I'm not saying it in arrogance
It hasn't been perfect. We've made mistakes, stumbled blindly. Held the status quo...for the wrong reasons. Ignoring what we could have accomplished.   But it has gotten better.  
My hair is pristine. My body is beautiful. Nothing can change that.
How many times will I let them tear me down? When will enough be enough? The mockingjays taunt and call without any substance behind them. Forgive them for they know not what they do.
I am flawless. I was born to love all I come across in a world of war. I was raised to love all that hate me. I am flawlessly loving in nature. I shall spread my love to all the world, As I am like no other.
You're ugly A nerd Too short The list is endless People can be cruel Pointing out your flaws as if a game I remain unfazed These are not lies they tell me Yet i am not affected
Bitch, I am flawless but didn't wake up like this I was born this way
My core was corrupted many years ago by a fiend who krept into me via my right eye it scampered and planted its many seeds if doubt so that when it eventually left me, I was unsure of my true value
I was that girl, who weighed more than she should've. Who wore glasses and braces to make my appearance even more bitter. I was the girl who was always "just a friend", because my face was naked, curly hair on my head.
  When no one sees my beauty  I see perfect flaws The way my eyes or shaped  The way they shine with wisdom I see freckles that are uncommon 
Flawless;That's a word i would use to describe you and me;
My name is Marilyn, yes like Monroe I have my own standards that I strive to meet I decided a long time ago I was never going to retreat   I am flawless because I am not normal
Mankind has become a world of manmade waterfalls.   Inherently beautiful, mejestic by nature, a sovereign force. Manmade, however, mankind is molded into another's vision,
This is a poem that represents by struggle with depression for years and how i have begun to overcome it.
The thought of you hurting Alone in your bed
A butterfly once landed on me And told me I was beautiful; For some reason I believed her. She kissed my cheeks And told me I was allowed to dream; For some reason I believed her.
My hair has split ends. My eyes look like mud. My body has scars. And I don't say "Amen." You ask what I think of myself  And I hesitate. But then you ask if I have flaws.
Swim while you can sharkFor the fisherman wants youI care for your life.
There’s something no one else has Only one person does That’s me.   Well, Maybe Sherlock Holmes has it too. But then again- Maybe not. Okay, he’s faster.  
'Flawless' is of flawed design, I am not perfect, nor are you, But knowing that my flaws are mine, And that they've made me strong with time, I praise myself where praise is due.  
When I look in the mirror Who do I see? Do I see the scar under my left brow? Do I see the blemish forming under my chin? No. But do I see large beautiful brown eyes? Do I see high cheekbones?
I am not the numbers on the scale I am not the numbers on the ruler I am not the number on my test I am not the number that determines my breast I am the one who is beautiful I am the one who is happy
I am outgoing  I flow with the air but I slow down I am not a clown  when I'm bright I shine like the sun.
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