The Phoenix


I. Nigoda

charcoal wings charred to a crisp

succumbed to surreptitious marauders

intruders chipping down cerebral walls that hiss

Don't know if I can hold on any longer


Corroding of neural networks; disease ridden

oppressed by depressed apparitions: hijackings, suicide bombings--

clinging carnivorous clans crushing the skull where sanity is hidden

corneas stabbed with prickly tears, happiness longing


Button eyes and a sealed zipper mouth

vapid vacancies of serotonin and dopamine

Still trying to figure what this life is all about

I truly have become a mere machine.


II. Samsara  


rose from the ashes and flew away

murdered the malicious marauders

welfare should have no delay

I know I can hold on a little bit longer


restoration of a mind fallen to madness

head up, blinding smile, the apparitions have evaporated

my bones are composed of metal--I refuse submission to the virus of sadness

this pain shall never again be exacerbated


The war on terrorism is over and I have won

My mind is a garden--the drought is all gone

I refuse to allow engulfing shadows to leave me shunned

                                   With a fluttering heart, I will always carry on 

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