Me and Only Me

I always wonder if It was only me

dreaming that Im going to live successfully.

But i can't ague for being in poverty, 

because mommy crying, "I sorry baby".

"That I can't get what you want, since I got no money".

While I say; Maaan, I'm so hungry, what we going to eat.  


 Momma all you need to know that all I need is me. All I can do is be your little, G.

Because there's one road to success, there ain't any room for the rest.

It's me and only me,

Garrian Cole Lewis living happly and successfully.

It's me and only me,

can't sit or sleep restfully.

It's me and only me,

thanks to all my blessing, and for them never second guessing.

In the end, those that supported me said,

"No, It's was G and only G".






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