Flawless Scholarship Slam


There’s something

no one else has

Only one person does

That’s me.



Maybe Sherlock Holmes has it too.

But then again-

Maybe not.

Okay, he’s faster.


Connect the dots-

Look at the clues;

The little things

That no one else can see.


The devil is in the details.

Okay: Time to work.

Frown, three kids,

Mother (or stepmother, hard to tell)

Necklace-gold or silver; she does well


The oldest can use some discipline

I would never have said that to my brother.


All the good families have it


Private school students-

what school?

Blue and green? Oh,

Saint Bridget’s duh.

You remember going there.


The website was more…

Wholesome then.

Now it’s dull. Lack of flare.

You really can’t tell the students care.


Focus! She’s in your line.

Not much to tell;

Same as the rest.

Know the details and

record what you see.

Maybe the next Sherlock Holmes

You will be.


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