Manmade Waterfalls

Mankind has become a world of manmade waterfalls.


Inherently beautiful, mejestic by nature, a sovereign force.

Manmade, however, mankind is molded into another's vision,

Having an expectation of beauty instead of their own.

Humans are driven to be accepted and admired,

The glory and recognition as its target,

And we all fall victim to this societal molding of beauty;

Whether the appearance we show,

Or the standards set by others we so desperately try to achieve,

We all, some way or another,

Are efficacious against the odds to be perfect.


I myself have surrendered to the molder's hands,

With dyed bloody hair, tools to make a mask of my face,

Shame of being how I am regarding people's "better" vision,

Disgusted with my body type, wanting to hide myself,

Forced to be vain and witty, and a product of the molder's imagination.

It is all merely a downhill spiral no one can deny,

As it would be ignorant to try.

Society cannot mess with one thing though,

A thing that is not physical to be tampered with,

And that is personality.


Society can tell you how to act,

Society can tell you what is funny and what is not,

Society can tell you what is cool and strange,

But society can't make who you are on the inside.

If you are funny, you are funny.

If you are nice, you are nice.

If you like junk food and not exercise, that is who you are.

Be who you are, be who you want to be,

Because that is all you have in this world of

Manmade waterfalls.


It is all I have and it is still beautiful. 


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