My Ace In The Hole


My ace in the hole

My face, my place-name

My state,

My nationality

My race.


My ace in the hole,

A person, a feeling

A hidden scrap of meaning

A way to show you all

I am not what you are seeing.


Your ace in the hole,

Are you trying to show me

How much better you can be

And yet you sit there like you're

All high and mighty.


My ace in the hole,

Being broken, being hurt,

And all you'll see is my parent's purse

And I admit,

It's one of our aces in the hole.


My ace in the hole,

A dream, a system,

I'll say I never missed 'em

And it's true.


My ace in the hole,

A little tiny island

That I hope will become my land

Most consider a byland

But it is so much more.


My ace in the hole

My face, my new place-name

My forsaken nationality

My out-of-place race;


My thrift stores, my boycotts,

My feelin' of outrage what was done

To that old man named Scott,

So many years ago

Yet there's nobody that forgot;


My ace in the hole,

Our fight, your fight,

And soon will shine that light

The light of justice and

Maybe, one day, true freedom!


It's my ace in the hole.

Not my face, never my place-name

Nor my nationality

Not even my godforsaken race.


Nah, my ace in the hole

Is the waiting

For a day when

I can leave this flippin' place

For good, and let it

Never again


See my flawless face.

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