That's a word i would use to describe you and me;

That's a word i would use to describe everybody;

I woke up like 'disss;

Cool, Confident and Beautiful;

On some days i may not be made up or have perfect cuticles, but I can accept it how 'bout you?;

Not being conceited, cocky none of the above,

All my positives and negatives are the qualities that being flawless are made of;

Being flawless is not an outer beauty tha can be bought;

I got to be flawless because i know that there was a battle going on in my world and i fought;

I fought to keep my smile, my life and my inner beauty;

I AM FLAWLESS and i do not use that term loosely;

I mean this, even though i acheived it i still dream this cant believe this im flawless! ;



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