Perfect Imperfections


Look at the ads out right now advertising “the perfect body”

What is  wrong with society?

Perfect is not defined as a flat stomach and a thin physique

But when girls see those pictures, they don’t eat for a week

Long hair, bleached, dyed and fried

Whatever happened to the beauty inside?

Judged and objectified- what do people expect

When the morals and respect in society is wrecked   

Bombarded with images, women are especially affected

When they are constantly objectified and not seen as the vision of perfection

When it comes to me, I don’t see beauty as artificial

Beauty is natural, not something superficial

I am okay with going out without a made up face

I’m comfortable being imperfect and that is perfect for me

Because in my eyes, beauty isn’t always what you can see

It’s what is inside that has the most promise                                                                             
It what makes me me, it is what makes me flawless.


Nerd Lady

Nice poem, I'll definately give it a share, check mine out too, and share if you like it please give me some advice as I am testing out a new style.

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