You Are Indefinable

Everyone has flaws,

Some are crippled and debilitated by them

Others wear them as badges of honor and character

Our flaws can represent who we are or who we are hiding from.

Do not let your flaws define you,

Let them cast light upon the things that make you an individual.

Let them show the world that you are worthy,

That you have been to hell and back and that alone cannot define you.

Scars, quirks, insecurities, even a miniscule pimple

When cast upon by the bright eye of society

Something so simplistic is transformed into a thing of shame


Do not be ashamed of what lies on your skin.

Be more aware of what lies below it

For your worth is not defined by the size of pants you wear,

The brightness of your hair and face,

The tags on your clothes or even the soles of your shoes,

Your worthiness is defined by the miles you have trod in those worn out shoes,

The labor you put in to earn the tags on your clothes.


For the innate brightness of your heart will always outshine even the silkiest of hair

Flaws should not inhibit our potential to grow

But should enable us to press onward even when the world told us to slow

For a flaw is the marking on the skin that shows people a synopsis of your story

Instead of being a closed book, open your heart

The marks there will speak volumes to the insignificant marks on the skin

The choir and roar of your heart and mind

Will shadow the whispers of those who judge you based on your skin,

They fail to see the beauty that lies inward

And for that,

They are the most flawed.


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