Imperfect? No We're Flawless


“You’re a nerd,” “You’re ugly,” there are so many things people say to knock us down.

But don’t listen to it, it’s not true. That is not how we should be defined.

All the comments and all the looks, they cause us to drown,

Drown in our own thoughts. No, not our own thoughts, we drown in the thoughts they force into our mind.


What you do and what you look like is what makes you who you are.

Everyone else’s opinion might be a little rough,

But who you are is what makes you perfect. No, you might not be a rock star,

But you are you and that’s good enough.


We look and all we see is our imperfections.

We were made to be our own kind of perfect.

We try see that when we see our reflection,

But we still try to change it



Because people are harsh, they tell us we aren’t good enough or that we don’t belong.

They have it wrong,

We have to believe we are perfect the way we are and we can do it If we try.

They have it all wrong.


Everyone should always know

Block out the negative

We are flawless and we need to let it show

Just focus on the positive.


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