Trim Off The Negativity

Slender and trim,
Do I know the meaning,
To my own reality?
Do I rely on my senses?
Or condense to the inferiority of society,
That claims myself and how I see my body.

The pain of beauty,
The wrath of food,
The darkness of upkeep,
And the trap of emotions.

Key pieces to seek the anonymous glory fortifying our inner self-esteem.

Do I even mean what I'm saying?
What I'm relaying to you?

Do I call you ugly out of pity or am I just plain rude?

Judging the consumption of outer spoken language,
It's contagious,
This disease of self-awareness.

This thought that a size 0 can create happiness,
But all it does it create absorption.
Absorption into a being of numb animosity who bows down to every other need and comment.

Take a moment, and reflect on yourself.
By yourself.
No need for that derogatory nonsense.
You're beautiful.
You know it.


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