Blue Eyes


My body shakes violently; My breathing is getting fast, Another sharp jab trough my heart. Defeated by this pain the pieces fall. I search wildly for my dear friend. My tears flow like the rivers streams. My hands still shaking, I want to die, and be free. Be able to close my eyes and not see the ghastly portrait of my life. I move weakly through my room, Bumping and crashing with every thing on my path. I'm about to fall, But my angel catches me before I hit the ground. In her arms I pour myself out. I tell her my thoughts. My angel has saved me one more time. She told me to look into her eyes. My pain slowly fades away. Her eyes are blue like the deep ocean, A beautiful healing sight she holds me in her arms Softly touching my hair The miracle of her presence . Spreads through my heart, soul and mind Slowly replacing the horror. With her smile and blue eyes My soul feel lighter . Floating like a feather in the sky. The pieces of my heart are slowly sewed together with her love. Tonight my angel has saved me from the scars in my past my tears for now have dried. Every time I break my angel will come and take me in her arms. She will take my pain away with those blue eyes.


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