My Pointe of Perfection


I am not perfect, why should I try?

I am not you, why should I be?

I am not ugly, why should I lie?

I am myself, entirely, flawlessly me.


Tears have etched paths through the make up covering my scars

Wearing black circles around my eyes

The only thing strong enough to take off my mask

That covers the fact that I am myself, entirely, flawlessly me.


At night, I question the bounds of my capabilities

Sometimes, I wonder if I will know true loneliness in my future

Everyday, I think that I am not good enough for those in my life

I never realized that I am myself, entirely, flawlessly me.


I am not perfect, how can I be?

I am not you, how does that feel?

I am not ugly, how do I learn to believe?

I am entirely, flawlessly, me.


Because when I am on stage, I am powerful

I capture the audience within my palm

And twirl them along with my movement

Letting them cry, and smile, and truly feel right by my side


Because I dance for myself, for my pride, for my joy

And when I dance I am passionate to the point of perfection

I feel to the deepest depths of my soul

And touch the tips of the watchers’ subconscious minds


Because in the moments I perform, I am truly flawless

Nothing is closer to perfection than trusting who I am

And believing in my ability to discover all that I can be

That is all I can ask for, and that is all there is


I am not perfect, because no one is.

I am not you, and that is okay.

I am not ugly, though I am still discovering what that means

And I will always be entirely, flawlessly me. 


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