Completely Myself (flawless)


F-is for the fire that burns in my soul

L-is for the love of the game

A-is for awesomeness i can't help but gain

W-is for the worthless people i choose to forget

L-is for the literal sense of things my existence brings

E-is for the entusiasm people get when they see my face

S-is for my social grace

S-is for the sorry im giving because i don't know you yet


I know i sound a bit conceided

but this message was heeded with a waring up top

i am completely me

and i hope i never stop

being myself

i dont want to be anybody else

but me, myself, and i i have to bide the time

im not perfect even i have flaws

hence the word Flawless

but my flaws make me human

they make me myself

and as i stated before i dont wish to be anyone else

i like being me

standing at 5ft tall

i love being myself 

if you can tell

i can write, sing, and dance

why be anyone else? 

and for those of you who dont know me im Nikki

(thats with 2 k's)

so Hello and Goodbye :)

Have a nice day. 


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