Worthy of You

When did it become socially unacceptable to be an individual?

So what I don't weigh the same as you or have the same style as you.

Does that make me any less of a human being? 

When did it become okay to judge someone based on their appearnaces?

Where being shallow was considered as having "standards" and where fitting in meant being a clone of the others in your group.

I am beautiful inside and out, but all you seem to notice are my clothes and my overweight physique. 

Am I unworthy to be loved due to my lumps and bumps? I guess only when I become skinny will men finally accept me. 


Their opinions don't matter. 

Stop. Clear your mind. 

What makes you beautiul?

I am flirtatious and smart with a scarastic toungue. My eyes are as blue as the ocean and my curves can mezmorize. I am dorky and am tone deaf but will still sing anyways. I am slow to anger and am easy to forgive. My one true judge is The Lord. He defines my worth. I am beautiful.

So drop the act.

You are flawless.

I am flawless.

We are flawless.


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