The Woman Within


I am perfect, on the inside

The masterpiece has not fully manifested itself on this canvas yet

But still, I am flawless in His eyes

I do not identify myself by the mistakes I have made
Or hold on to the shortcomings and failures of my past

Nor will I presume to claim that my character is founded in my yesterdays
Instead I will focus on my future and I will chase it fast

Within me there is greatness, purpose, divine destiny and success
Driven by the momentum of my hopes, dreams and family who deserve nothing less

For I have been created for this level of excellence that comes from within and is yearning to get out the best of me

Inside I yearn to apply the intellect, knowledge and creativity of my mind and shape a reality with every dream

With this body I have slept on my dreams and cheated them for too many nights to count or remember

But now my passion is ringing an alarm that has awakened my body with each and every one of its members

So, I guess you can say that yes, I woke up like this - flawless in every single way

Not by the standard of your judgements, perceptions and ideologies
Nor by who I seem to be today

But indeed, I am the perfect and flawless woman I have been created to be

Based on the content of the visions and dreams for that woman He sees inside of me

I have been called out of complacency to a higher level of excellency and success

So with power and confidence I take off the old woman and put on the new who is ultimately FLAWLESS


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