We Are Flawless


Yes, we all have flaws,

But it is not until we recognize such flaws

That they truly exist.

Without recognition

We are flawless!


You may mess up,

And so will everyone on this earth.

Mistakes happen

But when we rise above

We are flawless!


We all have our imperfections,

And things we want to change about ourselves

But we must look past them

And realize that without them

We are flawless!


We were all created,

For a certain reason, for a certain task created for us

So that no one will do what we do

No one can say we are wrong

We are flawless!


Answer me this.

How are we to know if we are wrong

Without seeing our path before us?

The answer, we can't. Our path and

We are flawless!


Now, take a moment, and look in the mirror,

Think of all the times you've messed up and all the things you wanted to change.

Now smile and say good-bye to flaws...

We are flawless!


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