I woke up from a dream

A dream of fantasy

In a world of endless possibilities

In a world where I was who I wanted to be

In a world where I was able to speak


 I wanted to sink back to the dream

For I was mute in the world of reality

But I didn’t sink back to the dream

I woke up and swam in reality


I was just a child from Haiti

Didn’t know how to speak English

Didn’t know how to separate my lips

I was brainless in all of my classes

F was my only known famous alphabet


Six Years later I can teach the language

Now I’m writing poems using it

Now I’m speaking to you writing it

Now my lips can be separated with words emitting out of it

Now I know that the first letter of the alphabet is A


From sinking to swimming

From mute to volume

From F to A

This… is why I’m Flawless 


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