Beautiful Me?


alone thats all i will ever be 

how can he see the beauty in me if i cant see it in myself 

images posters plastered all over 

maybe if i was her 


or her 

but no im ME 

and im going to LOVE every bit of me 

regardless if you like it or not im here to stay 

ive learned to love myself 

cherish myself 

honor myself 

i refused to be called anything less than a queen  

you cant take my pride or self esteem 

beautiful me ?

oh thats right i am beautiful from my nappy roots 

to my big brown eyes

to my oh so choclate skin 

and all the way down to my toes 

i stand before you and say i am beautiful in every way 

so i guess you can say i woke up like dis 

i woke up in the reality that i can be me 

a strong



educated WOMEN

once i started to see my worth as a women 

everything became clear as day

i realize my  worth and strength and i refuse to let you treat me anything 

less than a queen

i can only be beautiful ME


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