Who We Are

Our image is our pain, our weakness is our way,

Insecurity makes us forget we ever felt anything different.

We feel like the only way to love ourselves to impress the others.

Say the right things, wear the right things, be with the right crowd.

We can't be individuals anymore, just drones following everyone else's footsteps.

Those footsteps, though, are not those of a person.

Nobody measures up to the standards.

Everyone judges others, but they judge themselves more harshly.

I am a little weird, I am a little ugly.

I am too fat, I am too nerdy.

I don't know a thing at all,

But maybe I love it.

You judge yourself based on someone else.

You love another more than you could ever love yourself.

But why can't you let that change?

I am amazing. I am wonderful.

I am smart. I am pretty, handsome, and in all ways beautiful!

But most of all, I am imperfect.

You are imperfect. We are imperfect.

Own it. Love it. Live it.

I may not always look or act that way, but that is who I am.

That is who we are.


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