A thousand stories 

pacing up and down the streets.

They are just children

grown up too fast,

Smiling faces

with very broken pasts. 


A thousand differences

Not good or bad

Not black or white.


a thousand shades of grey. 


A thousand labels

that have been wrongly given.

The no goods,

the hopeless,

and the failures.


A thousand dreams

locked in the their hearts.

Hopes for the future,

destinations to be reached,

desires for more.


A thousand lovers

searching for a match.

Looking for others

who fit their plans

and numb their pain.


A thousand people,

the idea is not so simple.

Each so unique

not able to be replaced.

In this complicated world,

where we are quick to hate,

its easy to categorize

rather than appreciate.


My abilty to see,

My ability for empathy,

My ability to appreciate our differences

 and to embrace the beatiful creatures we are

is what makes me unique.


So you stars of the night,

you flowers of the day,

you rays of light,

you desperate wandering strays,

let us all see

and all apreciate

what makes our world colorful 

and beautiful today.





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