what do you see?
when you look into my eyes.
the start of something new,
or your past I so despise?
Do you see my secrets?
floating like a ghost.
Do you really like my voice?
or is this just hoax?

I really can't remember,
what you said on that day
it passed by so quickly
what was I supposed to say?
that after you showed the world
the beauty that you hold
That I wanted something to become
a story to unfold?
but that's not how it happens
in silence we drove home.
I wonder what I could've said
where we could've roamed
to create another story
erasing all the lies.
I wonder what could've become,
the memories, good times.

So tell me now, what are you thinking?
my secrets you now hold.
and everything I've ever said
is everything you loathe.
Tell me to wander somewhere else
and find another heart,
tell me I'm young and reckless,
they've said it from the start.

I won't forget you,
not at all,
your name,
your face,
the way you call
my name
it sounds like once before
when everything seemed flawless



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