Girls Can Play Quidditch


Her hair was tied back into a single ponytail

As she dug her shoulder into her much more masculine opponent.

The quaffle was safely cradled into her arm

And there was no way in hell she was going to give it to him.


She placed her shoulder down lower and twisted on her heels

Before rotating behind him with unworldly grace.

While he was falling with gravity

She knew the battle was far from over.


She weaved between beaters and other chasers,

Both male and female,

While also keeping the quaffle out of reach.

She knew that today would be the day

Where she would overcome everyone's disbeliefs

That she couldn win against the guys.


She was going to fight,

Through teeth and claws,

To make her name on the field and in the world.

She wasn't going to let some stupid stereotype

Keep her from going for the goal.



A girl can do anything a guy can do,

But even better.



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