The Lies They Sell Us


If you turn on the TV, 

You’ll see society’s image of perfection. 

The pearly white teeth leering,

The flawless skin taunting,

The beautifully small waists mocking.


And you will see the flaws in yourself. 

From the time we are born,

We are thrust into a world of beautiful perfection

At odds with our own abominable flaws. 


They market exquisite deceptions,

Claiming that makeup will hide every blemish.

When the lies reveal their true nature

We don’t believe

And so we buy more, 

Immortalizing the vicious cycle. 


What we never realize is that the beauty we see

Is the most deceitful fabrication of all. 

The perfections of the picture perfect world

Are lies just as the makeup and hope they sell us.

That “flawless” skin is a farce of makeup and computer editing,

No more real than the stories we make up in our heads. 


And if the perfectness is a story told to intimidate 

Those who think they’re beautiful,

What proof is there that flaws are a thing of truth?

And if flaws are nothing but malicious lies,

Then why the hell wouldn’t I be flawless?


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