Hide The Pain


She watches and hears the pain of death;

She stares at the flames that has taken the life of her sister;

As tears silently flows down no sound is heard;

But the screams of pain in a firey death;

As time goes by she hides her pain;

A smile here that looks so real,

but in reality so fake;

She hides her pain so no one knows;

She hides the scars she has inflicted upon herself;

No one must know how much pain she really feels;

She cries silently through the night no one knows,

Nor do they care;

She has tried taking her life but failed;

She did it right, the scars are the proof,

But as she lays there in her own pool of blood;

This sad young girl barely a teenager;

That has seen so much and felt so much pain;

Is given a second chance;

Has seen her ray of sunshine,

Her tunnel of hope;

She hides her pain and hides her scars now;

It gets better with time, 11 years has come and gone;

Dealing with the secrets of her own pain;

Her own living hell; 

She hid her pain in years that has past;

But she now has her ray of sunshine, 

Her Hope;

Now that pain does not have to hide,

She now can let it go;

She now knows it is time;

She knows there is always going to be a ray of sunshine;

And a tunnel of hope for herself and others;

You are not alone;

Do not hide behind a fake smile;

Let it go and Live your Life;

No matter what it is you're dealing with;

Someone is there that cares;

They are your rock, your sunshine, your hope




This poem is about: 
My family


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