Nursed by society to only think “thin”.

Was taught by aging and time to despise my own skin

In a society that makes me cringe,

Where growing up nobody wins.


Sick of,

Ice cream with sprinkles of tears,

And a side of regret.

Potions to fix every flaw,

Anything to shrink my silhouette.

Know I am


Perfectly imperfect,

Imperfect perfections.


Gifts like Easy-Bake Ovens

And baby dolls disguised as toys,

Just society’s sneaky trick

To keep me home

Ready to cater to “the boys,"

Blind to the injustice,

Influenced by the powers at be.

Not anymore.

Time I claim the White House or lab coat, 

Gold badge,

Purple Heart,

Or get involved and cast my vote.

I am imperfect



Imperfectly flawless,

That’s me.


Men have their ideas

Of a beautiful woman too.

Don’t even think twice

About what I sacrifice

Only for you.

Cancer for a bronze goddess body you desire,

Cause’ “pain is beauty,” they say.

So I,

Flatten my tummy with rolling pins,

Slave like Betty making dinner,

Squish my toes in heels,

And starve to be thinner.

Know I am


Perfectly imperfect,

Imperfect Perfection.


Sometimes I wonder

If it’s even worth the fight.

Should I even waste my time

If I don’t do anything right.

I believe when they say,

“I promise you’ll be alright.”

I say,

The love gushing from my soul,     

The grace of my walk,

The warmth of my laugh,

The kindness in my talk.

I know that I’m


Perfectly imperfect.

Imperfect perfections.




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