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Everything is spinning

The floor is completely gone

And in the beautiful silence

There is a resounding song.

No, it’s more like a tone.

A buzzing or a beep

That makes insanity seem so sweet

My lows are lower and my highs are higher.

Though I haven’t seen one in a while.

My tears are like golden weights

That sometimes make it hard to smile.

Other people must share my pain right?

They do.

They inject, inhale, involve themselves

In things unbeknownst to YOU.

A penny for your thoughts….

Why would you hurt yourself?

What are you trying to prove?

Do you really think the world sheds a tear for YOU,

I know how it feels to  have silent screams

For the dead and the living to be haunting your dreams

Must you give up hope completely?

Yes the generations before us tear us down.

No , matter how serious you are you’ll always be a clown.

But what’s wrong with making someone laugh.

I’d do anything to put a smile on someone’s face.

I won’t be just  “good for her race”

I will rise above

And I deserve to feel the effects of love.

How could YOU do it you ask?

Because it is my most challenging task.

There is adventure in searching for a smile

And when I find it I will cherish it

If only for a while.

Yes my lows are low.

Sometimes my heart beats outside my chest while four walls close in on me. Then I remember that I’m breathing. That there is no reason to self- medicate because those beautiful enticing temptations make people numb. I’d rather feel the poison enter into my body each time a negative word is said then feel nothing at all. It sounds like a good concept, but if I can feel the excruciating pain, then I can feel the overwhelming joy. I can see darkness so I can see light. I can hear the eerie ghost chries so I must be able to dance with the angels.  If I can feel the bad then I can feel the good; when you’re numb you can’t feel  a DAMN thing.

So get up and live.

Make them hear your voice

Think about  what legacy you can leave

And create your empire today.

It’s not what they call you but what you answer to.

Today I choose to ignore them.

Yes it will get me down, and it may seem like I can’t get up.

But I will think of the previous times that I have fallen and how I got up then.

I will remember who can’t get up and I will get up in their honor.

Because my thirst for my dreams and passions to become true

is far greater than any fear or discouragement I have ever had.

So my hair is frizzy,

That’s because the lion in me is awake.

But I don’t regret any one mistake.

Because I live and I learn

And I work those words away.

My FLAWLESS, optimistic, ATTITUDE is why I am here to stay.

My nose is too big and my  legs are too weak

But how many of YOU uplift when you speak.  Because I do.

I am, We are,  fearfully and wonderfully made

Even if I, WE, can’t see it on certain days

And most days I do

Because my validation doesn’t come from you.

I couldn’t care less whose best dressed list I was on. Or how Black someone thinks I am. Or quiet you expect me to be.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but my words will never hurt you.

My childlike gaze at the sky may entice you

The clumsy way I walk will humor you

My shy smile will disarm you

My gentle ways will  educate you.

Looks fade, stupid is forever, and all I really need is







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