Flawless, Now and Forever


I am flawless, for I wake each morning with an open mind.

I am flawless, even when the mirror says otherwise.

I am flawless; I always have the opportunity to learn something new.

I am flawless; my words can move a crowd.

I am flawless; I can love like I'll never get hurt.

I am flawless; adventure awaits at every twist and turn.

I am flawless, for 'carpe diem' never fails to cross my mind.

I am flawless, for my tears cleanse my soul.

I am flawless; I sing and dance even if others are watching.

I am flawless, because the Lord says so.

I am flawless, even when wearing my silly glasses.

I am flawless, because I feel emotions so very deeply.

I am flawless, for I have always known these things.

I am flawless;  I can close my eyes and replay every happy memory as I sleep.

I am flawless, now and forver.


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