WE ARE SMARTA! Intelligence v. Beauty


Women are more than just pretty little things;

We are genius, we are classic, we are the female kings.

So when someone says being smart more than pretty just isn’t right;

Well, let’s just say I do get very contrite.

I study, I work, no play all day.

There are temptations to leave my dreams, temptations to stray;

Because society thinks I should be focused on looks.

I’ll tell you what they are, they’re a bunch of crooks!

Stealing from me, stealing away my confidence for smarts;

And breaking me down into individual parts.

Her thigh gap, her tummy, her collarbone, too;

She’s just not good enough, not good enough for you.

But what is this garbage that society asks for?

We are smart, we are wonderful, we have the power do more.

For me there is one thing I must keep straight in my mind;

I am perfect this way, no contracts signed.

With hard work and focus, success will start showing;

And others will want to get to where I am going.

Be set on your path and you will go far;

And be determined to get to where your dreams are.

Others think being studious is a bore;

But to me it’s the best, it is good times galore.

Intelligence really is a flawless thing;

Even the smallest bit is a diamond ring.

So do not let them tell you what flawlessness you’re not,

Because intelligence puts you in the top spot.



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