Flawless is an image that people want us to create.  A way for all of us to find a way to sedate, these feelings inside of true hate and remorse.  Which is why I try and scream, but it just comes out all hoarse.  This idea is just a way to try and make me feel, and take me away from all the things that are real.  I am human and yes I have my flaws.  They all just arrived here and didn't give a cause.  I think to myself that I am cool and hip, but the entire time all I really want to do is dip.  Slip away from the crowds and the jeers and the boos, and the entire time I think that these problems are who's?  But these flaws are who I am and are what make me a teen.  They destroy the plastic image that I am perfect and pristine.  I love the me I am, and before my speech is done, I'll say the reason why is because I'm the only one.


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