The Truth about His Lies

You said I’d always be yours

You told me you wanted to be the one I loved,

The one I could tell anything to.

The person who can cheer me up on my darkest days

The person I can feel safe with,

The one I can express all my emotions to.

The first person I see when I wake up,

And the last when I go to sleep

You told me you wanted to be mine and only mine.

But when I finally opened up to you and fell in love,

You left me.

You tricked me and lied to me,

Only wanting one thing


The truth was you never cared,

You only wanted to use me to satisfy yourself.

I thought I had finally found that one person I could trust,

But your love was only lust.

I was the moon, surrounded by a million stars,

Destined to be without anything like me in the night sky

And you were a comet,

Only passing by


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