I Am

I am beauty

        Taking and making from what I can

        And fast pacing, embracing, and front facing

        Love, but don’t touch

I am peace

        Creation, devotion

        And pure, raw emotion

I am passion

        Shaking and waking you up

        And slap the nap right out your soul and

I am hunger

        Searching and thirsting

        Fill up full to bursting

        While still hungry.

        Wandering and wondering and

        Making friends and


        This whole situation

        Of this empty space inside

        Where I want to curl up and hide

        Or fill with pride

        Or ease the painful tide

I am silent

I am wistful, I am longing, I am feeling.

        Reaching and screeching and

                Running and stopping and

                        Coming and going and

                                Singing and yelling!

I am hiding.

I am the midnight sky with a moon up high and

        A star inside




I am listening

I am bleeding. I am loving. I am seething.

I am.


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