I was born Flawless

Through the blood and veins of  my ancestors

The chocolate glow of my skin

The beauty of my heritage

brought into this imperfect world

yet delivered into this world by greatness

I was raised Flawless

By the hands of man and woman

Told that I am and will always be beautiful

no matter the color of my skin, religious , or sexul preference 

I am Flawless

braeking all expecttions of me and exceeding to newer heights

I am an african queen

I am strong 

I face the world no matter how ugly it may illustrate me to be

keeping it "100" as people say, no matter how cold the truth

I have my faults and insecurities, I am no where near perfect

yet I am Flawless

because I know that I am me 

and me is beautiful, strong, and a queen





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