I Love Dr. King


A man of wisdom and everlasting truth 

If I was there, Sir, I would have yelled "Don't shoot!" 

I loved you as a child, we learned about you in school.  

Peace- the sound of no gunshots and blood spilled.

Death cannot take you away, you can't leave Dr. king 

Gentle as a lamb protestors would say 


You inspire me, at age eighteen, your words tug at my heart

Why did the man have to fire 

I pity the man who could not love all 

Death eventually collects us all 

Life flowed through those veins 

That made old ladies cry and babies smile.


Dr. King, you were my friend 

Back when I had no one to depend 

Even though we never met 

Your love is a novelty the world won't forget 

I know you can't read this now 

But Ferguson is all the news talks about


The world is breaking 

And the toll it's taking 

We need you back 

Colors are beautiful 

As are you Dr. King.



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