A quality worth admiration
accommodates traits of inspiration.
A trait that a madman can't draw from an implication,
but a trait that makes the madman fall in the beauty of temptation.
Colorless but full of life, holds the worlds greatest sensation.
Only in the hands of those who possess DETERMINATION.

It was a small, thin boy with Herculean DETERMINATION.
Such a passionate look in his eye made others wonder in admiration.
Upon his adjacency, such a powerful sensation;
that inspires those who do not even seeks its inspiration.
With a voice as strong as the lead temptation,
his adjacency wonders of implication.

Gazing upon the brick, stone, library the confused boy draws an implication;
that somewhere within the labyrinth lied the root of the boys DETERMINATION.
Entering the palace the little one feels a temptation,
looming from the section of which the munchkin had great admiration.
A hollow compartment that lacked in civilization, prospered in inspiration.
A short, little one, felt a great, tall sensation.

Advancing to the bookshelves grew the sensation.
His adjacency lead him to grasp his implication.
The little one has fallen prey upon his newfound inspiration.
Grasping the book he visioned his adjacency, a girl, with such DETERMINATION
that the little one fell weak in admiration.
William's Syndrome was the temptation.

Ultimately, the boy has come upon the temptation,
that the wonders of the brain pointed in the direction of the newfound sensation.
The vague, mystery girl who he fell for in admiration
caused him to discover the existence of the seventh chromosome as an implication
of why vagueness holds such DETERMINATION.
Vagueness was the inspiration.

Suddenly, vagueness was no longer inspiration!
Comprehension has been made of the temptation.
Perhaps his sister possessed his vague mind with such power and DETERMINATION.
Finding a cure to the syndrome would cure her unknown sensation.
The seventh chromosome no longer remains just an implication,
but rather reasoning to the boys admiration.

Inspiration lead to a once vague sensation.
Temptation pulled him to a great implication.
DETERMINATION is the lost key to his admiration.


for King and Country

There's something really mesmerising about the pattern of words you've used here; I love it. Keep writing!

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