The Future Unknown

Risen have i
from my mind
maybe my sould
I count down tthe days
For what?
That is not known
something is dcoming
time to be ready
good, bad? NO
amazing or possibly Horrific.
Much better,
yet still not determined
of what is to come
I am ready
For whatever it may be
Being left behind
is not an option, or a choice
move foward, my dear
the thoughts immerse
themselves in me
Does mean it's time?
I was ready. i am ready
but i'm not...
It's here, it's here
i lied leave behind
please, don't mind me
not this time
The moments seem that they shall never pass
My limits are pushed
eyes wide, open mouth
Just awe struck
It has happened
but it will never be over
& my fear was replaces by what
the future will come to be
but for now
The Future is Unknown


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