Where I lead!

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 22:28 -- jdarby


Everyone has a voice,

yes indeed!

Though not

everyone chooses to use it.

Throughout our history,

leaders have shared

the same characteristics;



strong will,

determination !

Indeed we have....

Plus this too we share..

and knowing when

and how

to delegate tasks.

Who is closed minded?

Who only thinks in black and white?

That someone...

could never attest

to what a leader,

is capable of.

Because you see

being a leader

is having the ability

to listen!

To use

other's strengths and insights

to benefit everyone.

A true leader

demonstrates equality,

and possesses

a natural inclination

towards the common good.

Everything I know

about leadership

inclines towards


and putting others

before oneself.

Did you know that

I possess these qualities

and exhibit them

daily throughout my life.

My values,

my ideals,

my morals,

my goals!

Follow me

because I am on

the road to success.

No turning back!




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