In the day I shine.  

I smile and show my glowing white teeth

I laugh to make the appearance that I am “happy”. 

I see the world everyone smiling with glee

But, I am in fact 

not full of smiles and glee.

I am full of pain and loss.

Can no one see that?


At night, I disappear

I am gone, no where to be found 

And I think.

What is this glee I see in the world?

And Why do I not feel it?

What is the joy that I can not seem to find,

this “happiness” that we so often talk about?


Is the world possibly just like me?


Is the world so desperately 

waiting for someone to hear

that cry out of hurt and pain and loss

that is has been feeling for so long? 


Is the world putting on the appearance

to show that they are “happy”

and that they are so full of joy and



Is this just a show?


Is the world possibly just like me?


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