I look in the mirror and what do I see?
A girl that's too skinny looking at me
So I go and I eat
And I gain a little weight
Yet when the mirror comes back
What I see is a fright
I'm a little too thick
My thigh gap is gone
But I don't worry too much
Boys like meat on our bones
I return to the mirror
My last final stance
But I can barely look
I take less than a glance
At the corner of the mirror
There's a picture I see
Of the first time I looked
At society's views of me
I see who I was
And look at what I've become
This sickly version of myself
My skilled pulled so tight voer my bones I can barely smile
Yet in this picture, there's a light in my eyes
I seem happy. Cheerful. And I don't seem to mind
I sit and I question. I'm quite curious as to what it was
Then it dawns on me. Hits me like a ton of bricks
The reality comes forth. Showing its evil claws
I understand now, what was wrong
What were my flaws
So I break this mirror, I don't need society
I woke up like this.
Flawless, I'll ever be.


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