My Flaws

Sat, 01/24/2015 - 22:05 -- Reyes


  My flaws make me flawless.

 I am made up of imprefections,

this is who I am. 

I am not that beautiful model on the magazine, 

but I dont a perect style. 

But I consider myself unique. 

You may not be attracted to my clothing, or my plain face. 

My heart may not be the most loving and pure. 

Yet all my feelings are pure and I am realistic. 

Im a brute when walking, there is no grace. 

Yet its a perfect walk, not trying to hide. 

Strut yourself like youre the queen of the place, 

don't be ashamed of how you are. 

Shame hides you, but when youre open about whom you are people love you. 

This is why all my flaws, make a flawless me. 


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