My Schedule


My schedule—
MWF class 10-12:30
TH class 9:30-2
Wednesdays are special:
Go and help out at the elementary school,
And make it to the Drama club meeting by 5.
Monday, be sure to see if your lab meets,
And if it doesn’t, sleep.
Thursday and maybe Tuesday,
Go to the Baptist Student Ministry. 
Be sure to remember class dinner with the professor.
This Saturday, finish Game of Thrones
(You have two episodes left,
But it’s been a week)
Work out Sundays, 
Work out Wednesday nights.
Only have fast food twice a week
(the struggle).
Do laundry on Wednesday nights
(after working out).
Call Maria, and see if she’ll help you.
She’s your major, and in your clubs,
She knows how to handle craziness.
(Like you will soon)
Call mom, gear yourself up.
It’s going to be a busy three weeks—
Doing technical crew for two shows.
But write every day,
Comic book scripts don’t plan themselves—
Or at the very least work on your play.
Cut that toxic boy out of your life,
He was a pain last semester,
Real condescending.
Finally, sit back,
(for a moment)
Be happy.
You’re very organized. 
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