Sun, 01/04/2015 - 23:19 -- kanoma

i am not flawless


i give up too easily

i never fill up sketchbooks

i make my sister upset

when i'm nervous, i cry

when i'm sad, i shut people out

when i'm scared, i don't talk

sometimes i forget to feed the fish

sometimes i yell at the people i love

sometimes i forget to use capitalization


However, those flaws built me


I've played five different sports

I own a plethora of sketchbooks

I can console children

I express my emotions

I don't let my saddness hurt others

I don't let the monsters know I'm there

I've loved many fish

I know how to be heard

I always reread my writing


I will never hide my scars,

or try to polish them smooth.

Use my tears and rough spots

to get a better grip.

So when you pick me up, you will have no excuse for dropping me. 



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