Flawless I Am

I am no diamond,

no gem, nor sane,

nor a narcissist if such

becomes my name...

For my flawlessness is known by all

it is the reason for your fall,

where you lack I excel

and where you wish i had failed

i prevailed as well

all is within my grasp of time

for anything that takes you years

takes me a moment all the time.


When you tried to learn

French through the book,

and practiced and practiced

through wind and rain, you failed

to ask of my help, and seemed insane

for not realizing

languages are learned faster not through books

but by speech, speech which you lacked

when i had mastered french in days three.


When you endeavored for possibly a scholastic pursuit

you failed once more to speak my name.

and did not learn much of Russian hymns

except they were supposedly not worth your time.


At last you seemed to accept defeat

if your next feat were to fail

You were to learn how to fly through hurdles

but fell as soon as your own girdle

unlashed revealing all your ware

for the plebians to come and stare.

And reddened were you when you noticed the wind

reached somewhere it had not been. 


So when you finally asked for help

it was too late to cry, to yelp

for i moved on and left the charades

leaving your shadows the only guests

to watch your play. At first i laughed, but then

felt pity....for unlike I, you were flawed

like a bookshelf half crafted by a blunt saw...

and when I tarried on with my day...

i never saw you again since that May.

Good day.

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